Sub basement

Sub basement.

Increasingly the objectives and processes of the established world mean that journalism, politics, and most vitally, media, no longer address the interests or concerns of ordinary people, favouring spectacle and distraction; and is functionally impotent at summoning the cure for what ails us. Still through every faceless asphalt car park the greenery of weeds eternally springs, and so it is with music, art, film, books and everything else. In Search of Space has served its purpose, and now here's a new feature also named after the first work we cover on it: Sub Basement.

It seems bizarre to say that Saint Vitus, Sleep and Kyuss allowed Sub Basement to happen when Pentagram and their generation of bands sowed the wind of the the nineties hard rock revival whirlwind but in a curious mandala, reflexive snake eating it's tail, infinite returns fashion, without those more modern pretenders, Bobby Leibling would never have been able to successfully reinvent Pentagram, and then release the original seventies recordings. I recall speaking to some bummed-out old rocker at the back of a gig, and he described to me feeling left behind by younger people, who knew more about the seventies rock and roll scene than he ever did, he'd meet people half his age who could spout forth about Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath b-sides, all because the internet had enabled us all to get fully up to date with our heritage. Pentagram may be the ur-text of this concept, largely unheard of unless you frequented late-night rock radio or dingy basement shows in Washington D.C. in the narrow period between 1971 and 1979. The only constant presence in Pentagram is a desire to push the boundaries of Sabbath's eponymous opening track as far as they will stretch without regard for traditional song structure or time signatures, and Bobby Leibling, the man-cum-soul of the group who is aged sixty but resembles a wizened bog mummy snapping it's eyes open in the middle of a twisted Sunn O))) show. Time has not been kind to the Pentagram frontman, but history definitely should.

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