#WorthIt! – Bands to get disowned for - Top Five

This week’s hangover news included a young woman apparently disowned by a disapproving parent for attending last weekend's V Festival; either a guilt-as-religion Daily Mail-thumping greed-head more concerned about the Winslow’s garage than good parenting and having half-glimpsed the sort of Boschian hellscape a festival can dissolve into, or a Black Sabbath advocate so shocked that any progeny of hers would attend a fest headlined by shit Kasabian, warbly Sam Smith, overexposed Calvin Harris, asthmatic badger Ellie Goulding and humaniod Annie Mac that the only cause must have been a maternity-ward mix-up. Either way, the girl is out two parents (for about a week) and it prompted the question… which gigs would be worth a familial distancing?

I know it's only rock and roll - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #223

Good evening.

You are an idiot.

You are small minded, stupid, lazy, incapable of deciphering meaning, and incapable of holding an idea in your head without accepting it. You are easily lead, and incapable of telling the difference between fiction and reality. If you’re an adult, you’re an immature one, and if you’re a parent you’re definitely a very bad one.

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