Stop condescending to pop music - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #224

Fuck off. Fuck off Ryan Adams and your asthmatic wanky Brooklyn café muzak. Fuck off a dozen high-end music critics who call heavy metal ‘raucus’ and snub pop music out of misguided religious fervour. Taylor Swift is a problematic artist, she seems to have been cooked up in petri dishes in a government lab to somehow quash every possible complaint. Her peppy self-aware pop is simultaneously cerebral and dashboard-tapping catchy, she’s attractive and skinny enough to satisfy the complaints of people who work in fashion (who are just keeping organs warm for nicer people) and seems to be a genuinely nice person on top of it all. Can’t say I’m addicted to 1989 as much as some people, but as pop goes it’s solid.

Two wars, no terror - The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow's war-on-terror two-film double-punch of the adrenaline-soaked Hurt Locker, followed by the uncomfortable, brutal Zero Dark Thirty is one of the great cinematic achievements of the last ten years.
Both films present the west's benighted 'War on Terror', with Hurt Locker opting for big emotion and big action, where the weapons of war are the steel and blood of America fighting it in a clearly fictionalised and clearly cinematic conflict, and Zero Dark Thirty opting for a more journalistic and unopinionated take, with minds the weapons, bureaucratic meddling and moral torpor as much the enemy as any force and undisclosed CIA blacksites the battlefield.

Is that you John Wayne? Is this me? - The Wolves of Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick's movies are stalked by wolves.
Consistently he paints his protagonists as stalking, amoral and inhuman and nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the Shining, and none more broadly than in Full Metal Jacket.

Radio X sounds fucking awful

“The best rock and guitar based music” promises the new Radio X, the recently rebranded X-FM, Global says that Radio X is ‘the first truly male-focused, fully national music and entertainment brand for 25-44 year olds’ which is encouraging, if you’re somehow blind to the acrid stench of marketing buzzword shit steaming off this entire display. They’ve roped in perennial bell-end Johnny Vaughn and everyone is a-flush that Chris Moyles, a man who called female listeners ‘dirty whores’ once upon a time when such behaviour wouldn’t get you struck off the Christmas card lists of everyone in broadcasting. Vernon Kay and Ricky Wilson round out this cavalcade of absolute loudmouth arseholes, but what of that ‘best rock and guitar based music?’

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