Get angry - All grind and no gore with Wormrot - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #216

All of Wormrot, from beginning to end.
From Gareth Griffiths

Listen to this record, loud. Your neighbours want to hear it, honest. Even if they say they don’t, they really, really do. Listen to it and imagine taking Nigel Farage’s face in your hands and smashing it off a solid oak desk until his teeth were splinters and his jaw so fractured it shudders across its length and blood wells up in his forehead. Listen to it and imagine a train crashing, the carriages tumbling end-over-end as they strike the ground like cabers, people inside being washing-machined until you can’t tell who is who. Listen to it and think about the last time you had to search for a job. Let it fill you with energy. Let it soak it’s impossible speed and iodine-sharpness into your bones like a scalding bath… burn with it.

You can listen to all the Wormrot I have, 63 songs, in 55 minutes. If you’re a fan of economy and efficiency I can recommend grindcore. During my extended period of unemployment I could listen to Electric Wizard records, and in my student days I was so lethargic that Sunn O))) sounded like the Sex Pistols but in my current profession as effervescent media prick I barely have time between high-stakes conference calls and being turned down by my secretary to snort the Boom-Boom necessary to get through the day without putting a gun between my teeth and I find I have to sneak my ear buds in and refresh my tinnitus with a one-minute blast of something that moves at the same pace as my overstressed heart. If you too are in need of something that sounds like a technical death metal riff if you’ve got a noseful of Liberian molasses then you need metal blog darlings and Napalm Death riff thieves, Wormrot.

Wormrot get rid of a lot of the Cannibal Corpsing of heavy metal, less gore and more grind, so to speak. Thuddingly heavy ideas explored for a few moments and then discarded. They’re less messy and emotionally heavy than Pig Destroyer and more conventionally rocky – Deceased Occupation, one of the most extensive songs from Dirge at 1:26, is positively exciting and that riff could be explored by U2 in a parallel universe where the jovially shite Irish rockers had more than a single tooth between them and The Edge actually hunted human beings. Oddly enough, Wormrot might be a good starting point if you’re looking to introduce your gran to grindcore, provided she’s already au fait with Death’s back catalogue. Their songs pup adrenaline through some sort of rarely used human carburettor; the perfect soundtrack to a blood-and-diesel Ozsploitation film.

There’s a pervasive and dangerous notion that we’re supposed to go through life feeling the bare minimum negative emotion. Our sadness and rage is supposed to evaporate in a sea of Buddhist reverence and blocked tumblr tags. I respectfully call bullshit on that. It’s past time you got angry.

Written under duress by Steven.
Download Dirge totally for free here.

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