Puffy pop plod offends Jesus freak arseholes - The UK Singles Chart Top Twenty 17/08/2014

I did something I thought I’d never do, in the scroll through the chart to assess the enormity of my task this week I noticed there was a song I was actually keen to hear because the artist’s previous work actually worked as a piece of pop. I’m as shocked as you.

I can't be bothered coming up with a title, Rock is Tot, and we have killed it.

Well shit, it finally happened. The chart achieved peak stagnation this week. A single new song, and one that jumped up from the fifties (presumably because it was featured in an advert, you consumerist bastards. So maybe it’s time to look a bit more in-depth at pop music, and why it does(n’t) work.

“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter” - The UK Singles Chart Top Twenty for 27/07/2014

This is happening to people right now. Human beings are being killed, and forced to kill in the name of things that aren't people, and that is sick. Don't mistake this for some kind of idiot social justice misguided 'Palestine is innocent' bullshit because those God-loving fucking shits are as much to blame as the Israelis for starting and perpetuating the cycle of violence that wraps around the region like a snake eating its own tail. Stop buying chart music, stop retweeting things, and fly to Israel and stick your head in the barrel of a self-propelled gun if you want to change anything. If you aren't prepared to do that, accept within yourself that complete evil is something you're willing to put up with so long as you are comfortable. Maybe we can just straight up and say it, we are a nation of some one billion salesmen who are prepared to kill anyone in the world who makes us feel uncomfortable. If that gives you a disquiet in your soul, change it. Retweets don't count, ever.
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