Le Voyage - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #212

Looking more the mountain man with effigy-inspired beard and fulsome, hungry eyes
It might seem like this blog is just me bigging up my various mates and asexual crushes; but I think it’s more a case of my associating with people who have a handle on the Cure For What Ails Us. Case-in-point, the latest from Cozmik Deed alumnus Lu-ihs Khuk and Suzanne Rodden, which has a dreamy europop earnestness without an atom of post-Clinton cynicism. It’s really jolly lovely. Like all of the best pop music, it’s an idealised image, a glimpse of a moment in time that mere mortals could never attain, a blissful few minutes in a crucible, burning away the self. The Sanskrit word Bodhi refers to the concept of the destruction or dissolution of the self, the fracturing or at times utter collapse and melting together of the concept of the self with the much wider world of Everything Else. No longer looking at the universe of experience through the narrow chinks of the cavern of the self afforded by the untrustworthy and inattentive senses but a bleeding into the world, and great pop music does this better than anything else. Come little ones, and drink the cup, before life’s liquor in its cup be dry.

Written under duress by Steven.
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