Puffy pop plod offends Jesus freak arseholes - The UK Singles Chart Top Twenty 17/08/2014

I did something I thought I’d never do, in the scroll through the chart to assess the enormity of my task this week I noticed there was a song I was actually keen to hear because the artist’s previous work actually worked as a piece of pop. I’m as shocked as you.

#14 Rizzle Shits – Tell Her

Tell her to avoid this
Because it’s total shite.

#4 Kiesza – Giant in My Heart

Is it as good as her Hideaway debut a few weeks ago? No. Is it still head and shoulders above most of the toss that comes out? Yes. Does it annoy Jesus freaks so bloody pious even the Pope thinks they should pull the bible out of their collective arses? Yes. Tick tick tick, full house, nice pop track.

Written under very little duress by Steven.

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