"One good riff" Apostrophe, no G - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #207

So there are missing planes and breakaway provinces under the Russian jackboot. Fear, terror, surveillance, it’s all going down; and right in the middle of this chaos the very nice people at Noisy Bastards Incorporated decide to drop Yellow Mind, under the guise of old faves Workin’ Man Noise Unit. The protopunk of the Stooges crashed into the protopunk of the Midwest seventies bands like the Electric Eels and Rocket From the Tombs, and all bouncing a rubber ball around a tiny hotboxed room, knocking over all the cans of Stella. We said what we wanted to say about the pyramid-building power-trio in our last gushing over this Reading yobbo bunch, and their new 7” is just more brutal, but basically continuing along the charted course.

A new WMNU is fortuitous, because you might have noticed our output round ‘ere has dropped off considerably because the output of quality records has decreased in parallel with my view of the world. The new WMNU is not only a crashing success of a record that my neighbours don't like, but also a top-tier beta-rock artefact that y'all will be squabbling over 'cept... oh, they're ALL SOLD OUT suckers. Least you can enjoy the digital music, which is all the same really, innit? As the hairy-handed mountain men stumble their way into the big cities and congregate long enough to whip sweat onto the walls with furious headbanging, it’s nice to be reminded that decidedly atavistic and basal noise ‘n roll still gets made and needs to get out more. We all envisioned bands playing hardcore Nirvana covers, it means a lot to all of us that someone actually made it. Play loud, play louder.

Written under duress by Steven.

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WMNU said...


Copies of the seven inch are still available from http://blowthereactors.blogspot.co.uk/

Soft and sweet.

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