Like a soul that's lost in hell - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #196

2014 isn't resting, we've already got a first great record, and it comes from Mike Vest. Guitar in the monolithic Bong, who are like latterday OM playing early Sleep records while falling into the mantle of a collapsing star. He’s in more bands than I can list, so the chances of a self-indulgent solo project were minimal, and it snuck out under the radar. It’s unsurprising given his CV that his solo guitar work is a formless and epic, explorative and meditative L+R headphone essential in the form of Black Distilment and Fine Membrane Sheath from Vest, self released under the name Basillica.

Mike Vest, photo courtesy
of the Sleeping Shaman
Conjuring an atmosphere like the delusional yawp of a hopelessly deluded inmate tortured by horrors beyond imagining, in some 18th century sanatorium, thrown against the bars again and again and howling like a soul that’s lost in hell, all glimpsed through the ears of a wasteful junkie, so jacked up on Mexican mushies and voluntary shock therapy he is scarcely able to process thoughts, and words are beyond understanding. It’s a meditative music, but almost without redemption or light through the cracks in the concrete. It is the first 2014 must-listen. Worth ten times the asking price. Lap it up.

Written under duress by Steven.

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