The anguish of post-krautpunk and the essence of a sleeper hit - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #191

It’s a nightmarish world at the moment, and getting worse. I’ve been asked by a variety of music-purveying places for me Best O’ Tha Year assumptions, which is ridiculously forward. Not that there’s much on the horizon of this porridge hurricane of a year, but I don’t know that I could pick out a Best O’ 2012 just yet, I’m finding new things every day. I’ve already said that if we did such a thing in this fine virtual establishment [we don’t: Ed] there would be a few things up for the title. Chiefly Bong’s superb Idle Days on the Yann, which you can still get all digital noncorporeal like from a few places. And the wonderfully serpentine leftfield underground smash by ZX Electric, about which I shall rant for the next 400 words. Tally ho.

Hoovered off mein gott, Julian Cope’s recommendation, ZX Electric makes bizarre electro-blues led by the most tragic vocal. Ben Mawdsley finds a combination between the best moments of Nina Simone on Sinnerman and Tom Waits’ notable less husky moments. Over ten songs and 26 minutes, ZX Electric will break your heart. There is no drum on these tracks, the guitar functions as percussion and haunting analogue synths provide melody. The three-part ensemble is as empty and devoid as the music itself, without form, or much purpose other than to serve as the echo-chamber of trancelike meditative ennui. It lurks in darkness, somewhere between Krautrock and post-punk.

This blog has been stymied in its pursuit of the cure for what ails us but we might be back on track. My home at the moment is wonderfully insulated against the Scottish weather. It happens out of the floor-to-ceiling windows, but it doesn’t really get in. Similarly, not much heat gets out, and as a result my flat might be slightly hotter in the winter than it is in summer, and I’ve found myself passing out in the baking heat to Obsolete as rain is wind-blown down the glass. The tracks bleed together into a single extended sonic despair.

Best of all? It’s completely free. Although poles apart, this is this year’s Atlantean Runes. Formless, concerned with communicating mood over song structures, and you need it.

Written under duress by Steven.

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