"You're doomed, doomed, doomed! You're doomed!" - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #188

Well sumumabitch. I done and made another mix tape for y’all. This time turning away from the thudding heavy guitar repetition mantra workouts of mix one, and towards the heavy mantric workouts of what is nominally dubbed ‘doom metal’. Invoking doom, hopelessness, some of it formless, some of it with purpose. Bands from all over the world, and bands making amazingly different music. Contrast the opening three, why don’t’cha just to see what I mean? Abstract weirdness of the Chewers, followed swiftly by A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm throwing open the noise doors (might want to be quick on the volume dial, headphone users and cohabiters) following swiftly behind those two is the third contrast, the thudding Let the Churches Burn by Suma, which I play to most people as an example of a perfect doom record. Incidentally, anyone wants to pull a Sleep and repeat that thudding nodding riff for an hour and a bit, layer some solipsistic vocals over the top, that’d be Just Fine.

Mix2 by Stevendinnie on Mixcloud

After the Chewers, A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm and Suma, you can expect one of my all-time-top-five fave tracks, Ramesses Black Domina, and after that, the best thing Electric Wizard have done in years, Legalise Drugs and Murder, of which a full-length one o’ these things is due anytime I write it, maybe as a Christmas treat to myself. Both these songs turn their central lyric into prayerlike intonation, mesmerising and crushing both. Anyhoo after that Monkeypriest with their own eastern (east of here anyways) take on the whole ‘doom’ thing, and then much closer to home, blog darlings Jackal-Headed Guard of the Dead come calling with the sprightly Despicable Mr. Whately.

Chill out afterwards with Bardo Pond’s Be a Fish. Their latest album was great, but it wasn’t a patch on this. It’s female vocalist time with Jex Thoth and then the little-known Thorr’s Hammer following. Finishing up with two instrumentals, Water Wealth Hell On Earth Part I by an early blog inclusion, Megaton Leviathan, and then finishing up with a slice of Sleep’s Dopesmoker in Jerusalem Part VI. I think it’s time we brought in the compromised, peacemeal Jerusalem is a stopgap, but genuinely great record.

Written under duress by Steven.

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