Repetition is the death of magic - black magic doom and ritualistic rock and roll - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #185

Sleep’s shamanistic totemistic solipsistic clarion call was a game-changing religious yardstick, yet to be matched. Dopesmoker was a piece of music in the same way the Pacific is a bit of water. In the ten years since the complete version (not that Jerusalem heresy) has been fully explored and digested, least of all on this very patch of barren internet real estate. Ever since, ritualistic repetition has been in vogue. In a first here at the blog, we’re bringing you a mix, of my own creation, of the best most recent mantra spouting religion-startin’ motherfuckers out there today. Inspired in part by the absolutely cracking new Saturnalia Temple record, which, if you haven’t got, you need.

Opening with blog faves, Sood Afreeka’s the Very Wicked and their latest Baby Is a Parasite, even more disquieting than Beat Your Drum, one of our favourites from last year. Followed swiftly by One, from another returning star, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan. Proving ritualistic drum-driven prayer doesn’t have to be morose. Tuber’s instrumental Smoked Up Notes rounds off this side. It speaks for itself. All these are available for free, just a Google search away Kemosabe.

In quick succession, Glasgow’s Skullwizard drop Part One from Fastbuck’s Grind Centre compilation. The normally moribund doomsters thrash out something between grind and silence, you will be unprepared. Saturnalia Temple give us the reason this mix exists. Golachab is the closest anyone has come to besting Sleep so far, limited only by its short runtime of eleven minutes. Did you catch the Body when they dropped Master, We Perish? Then you missed the best metal album of 2013. The Blessed Lay Down and Writhe in Agony will show you the way. Rounding off with some appealingly groovy and thick riffage from Druid. You’re all so so welcome.

Written under duress by Steven.

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