If you're not on board with peace on Venus, you never will be - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #184

Halloween special? I hear you ask. No, fuck off and die in a ditch unmourned by everyone, there’s your Halloween special.

Why not have the single Dead Comet, by Dead Skeletons, from the EP of same name released later this year. I’m sensing more of a Briany Jonestowny Massacrey sorta vibe from this one. It’s definitely chilling and a far cry from Dead is God, which I still like the best. The video is cool and I’m looking forward to the EP. Still spinning the ORD re-release, which you should be too. Head over to bandcamp and yawp gimmegimmegimme urgently at once!
I try not to do this, really I do, because it’s boring for me, and at least thrice as dull for you to read a gushing exploration of yet another release by the same damn band we’ve already talked about a dozen times [and namecheck every other week: Ed.] because chances are if you’re a regular to this blog, you’ll already know I think Bardo Pond is one of the two or three greatest bands ever, and you’ll have sampled their spectacular topographical nibbana doom for yourself and you’ll know whether you like them or whether your nasty case of terrible taste is going to prove terminal.

photo by Alex Gallacher
So teach yourself Cartesian doubt, fill your stomach full of fried food and bliss your hungover head out on a Sunday morning with the latest Bardo Pond. Yah, it’s that kind of flavour. Worship at the church of the latter-day bass. Paint yourself in glue and feel it slowly harden as you do ever more strenuous pushups, or just fill a bath up and breathe through a straw and then pull the plug and feel the whole thing draining away. It’ll suck you in, but not as much as the solipsistic and mantric cuts on Peace On Venus.

That’s it. That’s all I got.

Written under duress by Steven.

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