Repeating myself about the blog's darlings - Heliotropes is now - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #172

I want credit for spotting Heliotropes. I wasn’t the first, I ain’t that big headed. But I believe if you track back the tag on this very blog you’ll find reference to the band being the Next Big Thing and the Cure For What Ails Us. Usually my predictions for the future come true because they’re pessimistic (although realistic, ‘cause they come true, geddit?) but I’m really overjoyed as I listen to the stream of their official debut (out on Manimal Vinyl, go forth and consume!) that Heliotropes have come of age. They have drunk of their milk and emerged more in themselves, more confident and more muscular in their instantly identifiable brand of ‘poppy doom’. Sadly now that Spin are ranting about them I realise they’ve grown up and don’t need internet gutter snipes like me anymore.

Hair moment, by Katherine Gaines
Gleaning their moniker from the rotation of plants towards the direction of the sun, the record too gently rotates between fuzzed-out punk with Jessica Numsuwankijkul’s thrilling unsinging, and melodic soft rock where the Heliotropes put forward a music that even people who listen primarily to Radio 3 would find charming. All twelve songs spring from a central point, like spokes of a wheel and keep rolling at an incredible pace.

A Constant Sea is a sumptuous treat. Full of surprises and brimming with richness and depth. It’s a template of a rock album. It’s powerful and throaty, it stands up, in an age when people are so dissatisfied and quick to revolution, and shouts “this is now!” I’ve already spoken about Heliotropes being the resounding now, chronicling the collapse at the heart of the beast through their music and this album is a great addition to their expanding canon. They’re just back from a full US tour, maybe they’ll come to Europe for a bit of fun? C’mon? We have less guns. A Constant Sea is the first legitimately great album of the year.

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Streaming on Spin, which is like our site, but better. Can be bought from Manimal Vinyl, and you can like ‘em here.

Written under duress by Steven.

Post Script: Go back to my Savages review for an extended version of this rant, but Heliotropes just so happen to be a band of ladygirls (in a previous incarnation they had a male bass player) and I’ve seen all too many reviews confirming the basically misogynistic nature of music and music criticism which opine “well, she’s good for a girl”. They are also a mixed race band because, hey, it’s 2013 and they’re from New York, not your backwards sister-fucking buck-toothed Deep South swamp hole. Being girls and being of different races doesn’t affect the music kiddies, and if you think it does, or it’s a point so meretricious that it deserves special mention or top billing in your review. Please seal your pathetically empty head in a vat of boiling ether until you see the face of God. Thank you.

Post Post Script: I am in the process of looking for a job, so if yooz have a job going in any kinda writing/critiquing/coffee making/being a prick kinda job, drop me an email at the usual address ( if you have to ask). Adam is in exam glut, so that’s why there hasn’t been an update in two weeks. You want an update, get in touch and write your own. Prick.

Post Post Post Script: Is it just me or does 2013 suck?

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