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Ye gods! Is it that time of the week again? A sunny Saturday, simulataneously Roadburn Saturday (where many fine darlings of this very blog are doing their best to rend the space-time matrix asunder with the sheer amplified power of the unintuitive Godhead), 4/20 AND mutha’fuckin’ Record Store Day? Yew’betcha hombre, and another thing. Iiiiiiiiiii’m back! That’s right! After a brief sort-of hiatus where instead of writing about music I wrote about writing about music, if you see? No? Well if you follow me on Twitter (which you totally should do because you’re automagically entered into a competition where you could win twitter updates from me) you might know for the longest time I’ve been assembling a gargantuan dissertation-shaped thing about music journalism, music journalists, and trying to find a job. If you want to hire a pre-emptively washed-up hack with a penchant for the slightly weird of the rock world, please let me know. I’ve contacted Vice but I don’t think they’ll give a job to a prick like me so I’m all unemployed. Time to bask in the post-coital glow of a finished dissertation and enjoy unemployment. And listen to Groundshaker’s excellent Got Those Blues on repeat, because I can and will.

Enos' big man, looking suitably psychedelic
at their Edinburgh show.
Have I really never written about Enos’s recorded output on here? Really? Sure I photographed them badly when they came to Edinburgh, but I really haven’t? Well the perfect little thing has come along to change that. Odd little four-track live EP available from Bandcamp, just the sort of thing that tends to peak my interest. I remember their debut being one of my faves from the year it was released, and their follow up was drowned out by a combination of late-in-the-year release, non-blog life squeeze and 2012 being one hell of a year in every sense of the word for music. You know why you should listen to this little slice of primitive atavistic Enos? Because the new Black Sabbath single is shit. That’s right. Heaven and Hell guitar sung over by someone whose life tumbled into the toilet before the first time they fired him. If you want a 2013 injection of pure Master of Reality, look no further than The East Slope.

Vocalist Chris Rizzanski transmitting
from Torre Bert
Enos are a pure blog fave, for myself at least. Their penchant for space-stuff, their butt-fuck weirdness and distribution of reasonably-priced glow-in-the-dark party shirts is all they need to endear such easily-led types as us, but that they are some of the most reliable purveyors of stoner rock, that’s proper Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Karma to Burn stoner rock, none of this blues rock throwback nonsense that clogs up the scene, these guys have it all. What I love about the East Slope over their most recent full-length Almost Human is the rawness. The guitars are liquid, melting and dripping through the Swiss-cheese drums, and the bass seems to be grooving to a different song, but in the best possible way. The sonic crushing live show has been replicated in Spartan detail and the harshness is really staggering. Particularly the solo from All Too Human, the record was slightly overproduced, but this strikes the perfect balance, the thudding great low-end gorilla growl of the whole record means this is my Record Store Day purchase choice this year. Go forth little ones, get yersel some good grass, sit out in the last of the Saturday sun and give Enos a go. Then give them another go. Then don’t look back. Get lost in the sea of Orange amps, pedal boards and space apes.

Written under duress by Steven.

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