Order up some golf shoes - Stuck outside of Memphis with the Homesick blues again - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #158

Homesick Aldo, where is he homesick for? By his own admission, Memphis Tennessee in the 1880s, or maybe a kitschy bar in the Village in ‘62 before Zimmerman blew the lid off the whole business. Wherever he’s from, like Anton Chigurh, it sure as hell ain’t here. My usual reference-laced hyperbole seems a little redundant as Aldo’s bluesicianship defies description and comprehension. Like a bumble bee, he shouldn’t be able to fly, but time after time, he does. Stunning harmonica boogie that turned the inside of Leith’s historic Cricket Club into a sweltering Detroit basement. Aldo’s greatest curse is just how out of time he is, or that he lost his fellow travellers aways back, because his unique firebrand kazoo experimentation doesn’t really have a place on any bill. Nobody even approaches his outright strangeness, so he’s forced to hang around like the awkward kid at all the meetings of the Fife garage sect, which don’t entirely gel with his unbelievable time-machine rock. We can only hope his ascending star continues its upward trajectory and he can one day get back to Memphis. We need to get him back to the future!

Written under duress by Steven.

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