"It's not the end of the world, it's just Monday night in Glasgow" Deap Vally, a photo exploration of pure rock genius - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #156

California-based rock-snob favourites Deap Vally returned to King Tut’s on Monday night and I was there and took some photos. They were exuberantly exciting. And aside from a couple of hecklers who I hope were hit by a cab while staggering home, the entire thing was enfused with an excitement and an energy that was palpable, and a real thrill to be a part of. I can only assume this is the kind of thing Deap Vally take on tour with them because both ladies seem to be deeply enamoured with the lifestyle, and we love them for it. Thanks to Deap Vally I think that rock and roll, a nerdy obsession for the last few years, will finally become properly cool again, and it’s all astride the powerful stallion of true bad ass songs sung by two achingly hip young things who are going to dominate the world one stage at a time. Belt up.

Just like Sister Ray.
As usual, I won’t write much because writing makes me cry at the moment, instead I’ll share with you an extended visual exploration of Deap Vally at work, and my love of rock photography in general. I love rock and roll, deeply, it’s a passion. And I think true rock and roll needs idols, something to put into posters until we can scrape together enough scratch to get statues built after the revolution. Deap Vally are pure centrefold, not Maxim, NME. Their rock star chic knows no bounds, and they tread the line between ultrafeminist body-pride and inviting male leer, but they get the whole thing so right. Watching them take over the stage at King Tut’s like they’d bought and paid for it with their own money was astonishing, but the show that followed was mesmeric. I don’t flatter myself, it was all the band, but there are two or three shots in this collection I’d call poster-quality, and if Deap Vally fancy printing posters they need only get in contact (nudge nudge wink wink). Deap Vally have such a concise hold on what it is that graduates rock stars from something special to the next big thing which is an innate sense of style. Almost every photo I took could be used as a ‘best shot’ for any other gig. These photos required almost no editing for colour or contrast, most of the fuckers didn't even need cropped! Not only do the girls look damn good, but they look like they belong on posters and amongst the rock greats. To me, they already are. If you'll indulge me, I'll explore why, in a 14 photo demonstration of rocks new postergirls. Rite on!

It's only rock and roll, but I like it.

These final three images, to me, cement Deap Vally as greats. Pure poster material.

Written and photographed under duress by Steven.

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