A blaze in t' Northern sky - Jackal at Bannerman's (again) - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #155

Tidings bring the noise.
So this’ll be largely photographic explorations of exactly the kind of Chuck Berry moves and rock star ironies Jackal-Headed Guard of the Dead, the darlings of this blog, specialise in. Saturday night saw them return to Bannerman’s, supported by lightshow postgazers Tidings (who brought bafflingly comprehensive vocal support). The Jackals unveiled a new song, bathed in a barely-there red light and jammed away, playing a tightened set of their usual stuff. I was there mainly to test my flash in prep for the Deap Vally gig happening tonight, which I’m at for Muso’s Guide. So please, enjoy the photos and go see Jackal when they play next, wherever they play.
Concrete and the Flying V. This image has not been edited for colour.
Tidings, probably my fave photo from the night.
Jackal-Headed Guard of the Red.

Concrete, flying V, new facial hair.

Bass priest Chris Smith lays it down.

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