Singing with the psyche tramps: Curiosity Shop shop for favors - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #150

It’s a strange world we live on. Darkness and terror lives in every direction. Like being chased breathlessly through a car park full of wailing alarms by policemen with the faces of rabid dogs, slavers of foamy saliva swinging out from their bared teeth as they scream down on you growling. Scrabbling, tripping, catching a nail with your hand, not even knowing why. The world situation is so nervous and wrong that about the most frightening thing you can subject yer good self to is a once-over of the dailies. The psyche scene in Glasgow is in one of the all-time long fine flashes of brilliance and collective creative climax. The sort of flash that never quite comes again, and is only appreciated once the glow is all-but fading like a dejected sunset. Thanks to the efforts of a few high-skill promoters and approving venues and a mood that is ripe for change, in the city, in the country. Poignant advice would be to sink to your knees, dig your fingertips into the holy soil, breathe deeply of the sacred smoke, drink deeply of the holy wine and see it, hear it, breathe it in. Take time to tool around Glasgow on a Saturday night, around Monorail music and the 13th Note and hear the sigh of the collective. For posterity they’re making records, here and there; and other top-notch expressions of everything right and true. Insurmountable final statements in concrete of how they see things. Curiosity Shop are one of the collective, an atom, a molecule, a cell of the body. Their kitschy Americana, lovingly recreated, says only one thing: chill out, everything is going to be okay.

Their affirming reassurance is delivered in syrup-sweet psychedelia, drenched in desert vibes, with gentleness, and a simplicity that is free-flowing. Through successive runs Curiosity Shop have smoothed off any hard edges or sharp points from their voyage until it is liquid. But like an ever-flowing stream, capable of wearing away the toughest stone with the relentless tramp of its sweet psychic boots. I can imagine a Curiosity Shop set (live rituals known to take place, in close proximity to king-hell motherfuckers Los Tentakills) to be pleasingly draining. Melting away apparent surfaces to reveal the infinite beyond. A rising rolling wall of velvet sound is their method, and it will reflect a rising rolling wall of velvet sound in regularity throughout the Glasgow nightlife. I highly advise readers to come together at their various organic utterances, they will be prolific.

Get two free songs on bandcamp, and wait for more.

Written under duress by Steven

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