Rocket Recordings bless us with a webshop - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #152

STOP! YOU FUCKER! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Normally I wouldn’t assault the capslock key with such a show of rudeness, but this has to be shouted as long and as loud from the rooftops as Strepsil supplies will allow. Rocket Recordings, i.e. the purveyors of Goat, Gnod, and the stonking newly released Anthroprophh debut that'll have y'all hollering in a corner from the horror of the whole business; have tuned in to the bandcamp revolution and are now offering digital copies of all the latest and greatest psychotic reactions. I’ve been ranting and raving and passing my Goat CDs around trying to spread the love, and now they dun and answered my prayers. So I’mma link you to our Goat review. Our Gnod review(s) and then drop y’all the link to the Rocket launch pad. Blast off.

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