That ghost isn't holy anymore - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #97

Hoo-ee, hoo-ee baby! There be some true rural motherfuckery weather going on in this bong berg and no mistake. Dark clouds, sunshine, it’s raining and sunshining right now simul-fucking-taneously. There are dark clouds on the horizon black as the ace of spades and slices of full-blown summer blue right inbetwixt them too. I can’t call it mothas, I don’t even wanna try. Mebbe it’s the Edinburgh Festival, that annual parade of nasty vibes and thoroughly insufferable dead career-minded twats yell at passing cars, find a bar and pick a fight with the biggest motherfucker in that place like yer the fucking Terminator because it’s rage time. The fucking Edinburgh Festival is starting and life here is going to get pretty fucked for the whole of August so there’s little to do except batten down the hatches, scarf down a load of pills and wait for the inevitable upper downer screamer laugher to fully take effect then lean out of yer window taking potshots at passing tourists with a faithful replica airsoft M4 and listening to something grinding. Thumping powerful guttural music rooted in the here and now and resolutely where it’s at with grinding guitars and vocals howled by someone who swallows mountains whole. Sure you can try going ‘bout your biz-nezz as-normal but it just ain’t happening. Mebbe the weather is the great magnet telling us she never allowed this festival shit, or maybe it’s the Very Wicked giving away their EP for free… because shit like this oughta cost a million pounds and take years to learn. The storm is a comin’, like Prometheus, they’ve given us their rock and roll fire and now it’s time for liver.

Y’see, this blog is all about building today’s music maker master disasters up to the same height as the greats, if not even higher; big as the Motherland Calls to be sure, standing shoulder to shoulder with Gene Simmons and John Garner and Randy Holden. ‘course we also worship dem der heroes but we also need, need for the rock and roll revolution to be a true and righteous success heroes of the here and now so thoroughly and inescapably real you can’t but worship them. Well, in the olden days they used to sacrifice them, so think of this table as the alter and we weekly stand a new buncha powertripping motha’s up here, and it’s throat slit and bleed out on the table, you get coughed back up by the great magnet and splutter back to life we’ll know you’re gen-yoo-ayene and so badass that not even the great magnet wants you in his presence, all the greats go to hell anyway. So here we go, the laid-back chilled out blissed dark grooves of the Very Wicked. Not since the Heavy Company rocked our speakers (and socks) has there been a band that sounded so classic but felt so new. The four guys and lay-dee from Soot Afreeka play passionate and cold and steadily pounding rock and roll of the old school that grabs you by the hair, dragging you into a blissful world of total unpretentiousness. This is a million miles away from Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell’s best rock god impressions of strutting hip and lip thrusting action and guitar overdubbing to suicide point all thrown together and set alight in a marvellous bleve, this is another beast entirely. The grooves on this album are smooth, low in the mix, it’s the vocals we’re here for, and they’re there for sure; thoroughly high-and-mighty vocal poetry. These guys could well be the antipodean Heliotropes. The sultry rhythms aren’t nowhere near as sturdy as those of our fave adopted Brooklynites, but there’s the same chilled out super-doopa groove and mighty lyrical importance… and fucking brevity! This is only a three track demo they’ve dropped on us, gratis natch so we get hooked, just like dealers, but goddamnnit if I don’t want summore right now!
the Very Wicked. Photo - Mark Reitz Photography
So this lyrical beauty is gearing up for something really special. Teasers they’ve dropped enticingly promise ‘Winter 2012’ so getting in ahead of the main crowd and being able to get in on the ground level of this genius before they nail the beauty, this EP (not sure if I mentioned this) is friggin’ free! The songs are of power, of freedom, of empowerment, the Very Wicked simply put the most beautiful things into lyrics, backed by spacerock spectrality, natch, “you can beat your drum” they sing, “blow your horn and make a beauty of yourself, I don’t mind what you do as long as you keep doing it” backatcha Very Wicked! It’s a buncha refreshing things I’m seeing that bands are getting more lyrical, for a while there it felt like rock and roll had lost the lyrics… because it wasn’t just the awesomeness, it was the smug knowledge you were in the presence of some really clever swine making smart music; and I can happily report that with Heliotropes and the Very Wicked, as well as a thousand other underground backburner bands breaking barriers all about’cha, ladies, gents and everyone else, lyrical rock and roll made by smart people for smart people is very resolutely back.

Like all properly righteous temple-fucking motherfuckers the Very Wicked understand that especially their initial mediations need to be accessible, beautiful wildly catchy, turned up to eleven and free. You have literally no reason to not go to their website, initiate a facebook like and a quick EP download at no cost to yersel and give these people an important size boost in their efforts to become 200 feet tall and stomp about the landscape lambasting us with their delicate beautiful rhythms. Of course, there is a reason y’ might not feel too keen to get this rock and roll revolution underway… you’re a square. Plain and simple. Sure you pretend to be cool, but when it comes to it, anything outsider yer comfort zone and you’re on the first helicopter outta Saigon. You’re not a freak. The Very Wicked are freaks for sure, in this world there can be no nobler designation than freak, the way I see things going it’s only the outsiders and the losers and those who are really really into rock and roll who are doing it right, the kids parents told their little kids not to hang with are gonna take over the world, mark my words, and it’ll be on the wave of music made by other similarly minded freaks. You don’t want to be a part of it, fine, we won’t miss you, we have the music and we have each other, you’re so poor, all you have is money.
You can get their EP all totally fer free if you just clickity click over to their website, and the free download is in the sidebar. Savour!
Written under duress by Steven.

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