In league with Satan - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #89

(Or:- "please just fuck off, take your money, get out, I hate you")

Let me tell y’ folks, this entire writing has been inspired by an incident I had with a negative person. An individual so terrifically spiritually bald that I don’t understand how they can exist with so much hate wrapped up inside their dry, black empty little rotten apple of a heart. Certain people still exist, though our history has been one unsteady march towards acceptance, tolerance, greater rights for the individual against the negative power of the man while also expanding the ability of the man to help us live our lives by keeping us safe, keeping us fed, keeping us healthy, there are still leaps and bounds to go before we attain total utilitarianism. It’s a hard fought time but you’ve got to individually, and using your money and your vote stand up for the oppressed, the minority and the little guy being trodden on by the man of the moment. Whatever your feelings, be they an individual a group, and whatever the colour of their skin, their beliefs or their standing in society, you see someone getting a bum deal you go help them out because the more together we are the more dangerous we are to the government. I’m quite happy to use the word freak, because the way things are going in this world I think there can be fewer nobler classifications. This time when I encountered a wall-building bald non-freak trying to put the downer on something she couldn’t possibly have comprehended with her infinitesimal brain, I found myself standing up for Satanists.

If you begin any discussion about homosexuality with “I’m not gay, but I have nothing against them” you’re already a mercilles cunt and I’d leave you in a burning building. I will never confirm if I’m homo, hetero, inbetweeny or just sickened by all human contact and desire in myself and those around me; I ain't gonna tell you if I'm a Satanist or not either, because if you feel the need to assert your normality before talking about the others, “them” having equal rights to all us normal people then why don’t you just fuck off and go hang out with the Daily Fail reading motherfuckers down the BNP office. Nobody is normal, I’m a freak and you’re a freak as much as we all are. You wear baggy tees to a gig in order to get yer groove on better and you get sloppy drunk and hit on the girl with all the piercings and tattoos and get knocked back and go sleep face down and wake up in a hangover haze, that’s normal. You spend money you don’t have buying things you don’t want to impress people you despise, work fifty years doing something you hate to be told to fuck off at the end of it and you got the nerve to call me a freak? Buddy, I’m gonna wave my freak flag high and you’d feel so much better if you did too. Protect the right of whoever else it is to wave their freak flag too because you gotta be proud of who you are. So when I was accused of being a Satanist by some poisonous fuckhead in the park one afternoon, I didn’t deny my status as a worshipper of his demonic majesty. Let me expand:

It was sunny, so we were laying out with some beers and some tunes; and the Jex Thoth-fronted Sabbath Assembly were singlehandedly propping up the soundtrack. Seems a lotta people were having the same idea and were laying out. I like Sabbath Assembly so we were playing it loud. That devilish psyche-rock can better than most put the freak-on on some non-freak because it is so spiritually heavy. Now I’ve always thought someone playing basically inoffensive music in the park shouldn’t be asked to turn it down as it flouts their immutable right to jam but there are a great many spiritual corpses who will do just such a thing, but I’m an amicable soul so I’m prepared to turn it down. We do have to share the world with these pondlife and some of them have guns. So yeah, Sabbath Assembly was on and this is where it all went wrong. Maybe I oughta step back and give you the lowdown on Restored to One. Sabbath Assembly are Jex Thoth and Dave Nuss playing the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgement to an addictive kinda psyche-rock template that sips down like a dream. To fully understand the lyrical content it’s worth giving you the Cliffnotes on the Process Church. The Process Church were an English cult in the sixties and seventies, taking from basic Scientology but really their philosophy was a morass of Judeo-Christian imagery that chroniclers of these things find mighty interestin’. The church is often incorrectly understood to have influenced Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter stuff, and these claims were taken so seriously that members of the Process Church visited Manson in prison after his arrest to verify these claims, though the church was never associated with Manson. The church is also often incorrectly considered Satanic on the basis that they worshipped Satan, but the theory is much more complicated. The belief of the Process Church was that on Judgement Day, Christ would become reconciled to Satan, and Jehovah would become reconciled to Lucifer and the four would come to earth as one force to sort the good guys from the sinners (all the good bands go straight to hell), thus the church worships all four figures, Christ, Satan, Lucifer and Jehovah. What I’ve just given is a gross but accurate oversimplification of the church’s theology. It’s interesting, but it means the words ‘Christ’, ‘Satan’, ‘Jehovah’ and ‘Lucifer’ are free currency on the album, combined with Jex’s witchy voice, I can see why this gives tremors in the bones of all people who’ve forgotten how to sin.
Anyways, we’re assailed by a pig-faced member of the straight, bald plebeian masses and the honorary president of the club of the rock and roll uninitiated. This thick fuck told us we were immoral (I deduce by the inclusion of ‘Satan’ in Jex’s lyrical gesticulation) and called us Satanists. Well, immoral Satanists, god damn, there goes the neighbourhood. I did not have the energy to engage in a shouting match with someone who rents out their thinking space to OK! Magazine and decided education was the most effective weapon, after all, “the more you know, the more dangerous you are to the government”( – Dave Palmer, you beautiful man).

“Actually, Satanists are very principled people”
Thickie stands aghast.

“Let me explain, Satanism is not the worship of Satan, but rather a theology of individual strength, instead of worshipping Satan you in fact worship yourself and your own self-determination.”

Thickie’s expression remains unchanged.

“And the music we are listening to is not in fact Satanic, but Christian in theology, but removed from that, as the songs are taken for their lilting lyrical beauty, not to try to persuade people to conform to their theological message”

A potted history of the Process Church of the Final Judgement follows, Thickie remains largely expressionless.

“And I do not think it can be your place to attempt to bring us down by accusing us of lack of morality. I have many morals, you may borrow some if you like. Morality is a dangerous game. What’s more immoral, selling radios or selling guns? That isn’t a simple question. Certainly guns can be used to do more damage, but people working in gun factories in Belgium are unionised, get holidays and 40K a year. Children screwing radios together in Bangladesh don’t get that. Don’t think about morality too much, it’ll do your nut in. Well I’m afraid we have many immoral things to do so we shall be going. It was thoroughly horrible to encounter you and I hope we never meet again. Cheery-o!”

Never say or do anything the person standing before you does not want to understand. With any luck at all, her life was thoroughly ruined forever.

Written under dumbness by Steven.

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