Blues rock apotheosis - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #96

Right about now it would seem the market is flooded with bands all trying to be where it’s at, all going about it much the same way. But fuzzed guitars and growling do not a transcendental piece of recorded genius make; y’ gotta dig deep like I do in this inconsequential fucking column every week, go down deep and find the soul and the heart and splatter it onta the page because ‘specially if yer a newbie in the scene, y’ gotta follow F. Scott Fitzgerald’s advice and give it all ya got because if you haven’t got heart you haven’t got anything, dazzle ‘em with bullshit, because you’ve got nothing else to dazzle them with and it is such dazzling bullshit. Alternately o’course you could just ape and half-inch a buncha ideas from the newly dropped Untitled EP from Super Oil 69 because this record is fo’ sure where it’s at and there can be no denying. Furious soulful guitar work and a real obsessive interest in quality build this EP way up and it couldn’t be more righteously envisioned or completed.

Suptuous spacerock curves will caress you during this EP, for the first minute at least; but throughout there’s a lightness of tone that keeps the blues from getting too blue. This is the perfect summer chillout record and it seems to have arrived just in advance of the summer. Long loping, not particularly difficult guitar workouts stroll between the shaded trees as the percussion especially lays around in the shade sipping from the bottle of the moment. The lyrics are trying to demand everyone get up and play some football, but it isn’t really happening. The whole scene, the whole thing is just so vibrantly of a moment that it’s hard to fault.

Now there is such a ting in this bizz-nezz as apotheosis of the form, nailing the beauty that so many others have been striving t’ward and in terms of kinds of excellence, it’s definitely the one most obviously pinned to the chest of Super Oil 69. The record drops a blues rock that’s far from original lyrically or musically and yet feels so right, and so righteously right-on and I legitimately can’t think of a better blues rock record from the recent past (well maybe the Heavy Eyes, I just love Wax Apple that much). Watcha gonna get on this new EP is eighteen minutes and three tracks of super-solid Super Oil 69. There’s electric string wizardry, guttural bluesy moanings of the sort on that the Bad Light woulda churned out. It also comes with a warning: some of the subtleties on this record would have been obliterated in any post-recording fuck-aroundy sesh so we just left it all nice and quiet, so turn it up. Don’t need to tell me twice Super Oil 69. I certainly appreciate it during the opener, the kind of chilled out opening to an EP yooz will almost never see. Most EPs are excited up the arse for fear you’ll fall asleep, but Super Oil 69 take the songs and make ‘em feel like album cuts, everything is chilled without any capital letters. O’course any of those o’ y’ looking for something a lil more full on will find yersel furnished by this EP all the same, dropped on yooz with reckless abandon will be three solid blues rock stompers fused with classic rock and roll in such a profound way as to make the guitar solos almost biblical. Natch, it’s an eighteen minute EP, what do you want from me? Takes something real special to get me ranting for a thousand words like usual so I’ll just polish it off there. Being the apotheosis of the form does lend these guys a big fat recommendation but I do gotta tell you, you’ve heard this all before, just not done quite as well. They’re working on a full-length so you just sit tight.

Written under duress by Steven.

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