Rocket City Riot - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #70

Well y’all it’s actually been quite a productive day of digging through the mountainous music industry slag heap looking for the few overlooked gems. Like that Tuber piece of magnificence Rocket City Riot’s self-titled debut single is only six minutes long, but we get two tracks, both instrumental and both really excellent in a instrumental MC5-type way and I’m excited to bring y’all it now. What we’re given is two tracks of the rawest retaliation, kicking out the jams and kicking against any notion of anything except the groove. The riffs are 800 decibels across, and only a lifetime long and so relentlessly, recklessly, resoundingly catchy I feel like I’m hearing Karma to Burn’s Almost Heathen again; but the riffs are more dynamic than that, less repetition and more progressiveness, holding forth these three lambaste the landscape from atop a medieval tower constructed of Marshall amps and issue forth a endless tide of sturdy and unstoppably catchy noise-rock underground type stuff. Rocket City Riot is the excellent name of this opus and it’s perfectly titled. The guitars, particularly on the self-titled opener are just a riot, so instantly catchy with real low-down ball-cranking heaviness behind them without it becoming overwhelming. It’s a thudding a psychedelic desert journey, seen through that hazy rainbow heat vision and looking at all the mirages down the highway while the drums do the driving. It’s got tempo too, far too many guys nowadays fuck about in my ears far too long, wasting the time they take and taking too much, Rocket City Riot is right on the money and doesn’t hang about. It’s a spectacularly great single that’s already merited twenty or so listens. And I’m excited for the rest of the catalogue.

Often bands have a problem. Rocket City Riot have a huge problem. It ain’t the music, like with most bands, and it ain't much of anything else. The problem with rocket City Riot is that they ain’t called Rocket City Riot, I wish they were ‘cause that would be awesome. I renamed them for the purposes of this review because their real name is crap, and their electric sound and their track names point to a group of guys with severe quality overload, the band’s real name is Bonejackal, which is stupidly derivative and hopelessly generic and deserves no place in their utterly sublime sounds. So yeah, go and download Rocket City Riot’s debut record and ignore what they say their name is. I’m the expert. Nice sound guys, shame about the name. Keep rolling.

To be found for free on their bandcamp, go out and get it!
Written under duress by Steven.

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