A recommendation under duress - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #72

Oh shit. Oh shit! It’s all happening again! Remember that killer Lysol workout? (me neither, I was two) when the Melvins released an album named after the drain clearer Vachel Lindsay drank to rid himself of this earth and it featured 35 minutes of unabating Iommiisms. Brave as that was, when the Lysol drain cleaner company threatened to sue for use of their name, the Melvins hastily recalled all the records and taped/magic markered over the name and re-released the same fuckin’ records. How awesome is that as a rock and roll story to be sure and tell yer wee-‘uns. A career suicide more certain that if the Melvins had drank the bloody stuff instead of naming their album after it. And yet, when they emerged from the lawsuit-proof bunker they discovered they had a cult on their hands, like Willard with Kurtz’s blood still on his hands. Well my dears a new band has emerged on the scene with an 18 minute EP full of the same heart-stopping career-flameout-guaranteed rock and roll that will Hiroshimafy your speakers before you know what the fuck and just like that Melvins LP will leave completely perplexed joy in the wake of its motorbike roar.

See, while I sit here and pontificate at length to absolutely naught the value of fifteen year-old Mainliner albums that are slightly harder to get hold of than black tar heroin, there’s little voices gabbing off in the back of my awareness about covering some slightly more modern bands; i.e. bands where many of the members have not succumbed to the knowing mass of money, PR and attractive non-rock and roll soul death propositions, or that special rock and roll cocktail of drugs, fame and bullets. Bands where they might be on first EP release, or just starting to gather a buzz. People who actually need the pathetic sub-Bangisms this blog almost doesn’t fail to deliver. Although I try my best I find it hard to keep up with any decent music, the thing about tiny bands is that they tend to be extremely hard to locate and I just can’t find the time or the inclination to go looking for things beyond the journalistic vale. I do, though, desperately searching for some cool cats to give a leg-up too and usually find something worthy of your time and attention. Y’see it’s becoming increasingly easy to find your own music, to bypass the insipidly shit online/print music press (of which this blog is definitely a part) and go straight to the dealers for your dope. I say easier because it is, but it still ain’t easy. It’s a fair amount of work and you tend to get burned with bad product at least as often as you get the good stuff. That’s why you motherfuckers need somebody like me and always will. I sift through the shite, getting burned as often as a dope fiend who works in a bakery just to bring you the few glittering slices of gold panned out of the seemingly endless river of corporate cynically created slurry being mortared across the internet by everyone with a bass guitar and a messiah complex. And boy do I have a slice of gold for you today, with all the shite cleaned off and ready for your dereliction. Download it here for free, and let me tell you why it is sustaining evidence of the ability of rock and roll to be transcendent and a good excuse to not cut yourself off in a cabin in the woods with a sturdy record collection and a medium sized arsenal, there are still people out there who get it and their name is Sun Eater.

Wow, 615 words before I told you the band name, that has to be a new beating around the bush record outside of a virgin attempt at cunnilingus. No point worrying, you don’t read this barely-legible dribbles if you want a quick fix now do ya? Didn’t think so. You came here to hear me totally spazz out about the latest little indie rock sensation and I have to say I’m happy to oblige. Sun Eater are a psyche-doom power trio hailing out of the Melvins Sabbath-inflected camp and heading hell-damned for the horizon. Three college guys from Tacoma play this stuff, but it sounds like all the power trios from the last forty years of excellentness brought to life and made gnarled and tired by their time playing headline slots in the underworld. I am most instantly reminded of John McLaughlin’s pre-Ma Vishnu Orchestra LP Devotion and wonder if that excellently Sabbathian noise wasn’t the main catalyst behind this. Though there is a darkness here, something of the night about this little EP from what on the surface seems to be a talented little group. If you’re liking Bardo Pond or Dead Meadow, that is where you’ll find the guitar has been hanging out, it’s long and languorous and so utterly sublime. Stretching for relaxed but compelling riffage and burning down village after Vietnamese village just to watch the colours on a FLIR, when you can’t get no acid you don’t have a choice. Vocals exist only for a single verse at the tail end of the opening track, like some hardcore head came in the wrong door and thought he’d drop his addition into the mix, their own special kind of bourbon. It was an excellent little moment on this powerful little EP. I am concerned though about recommending bands, so I’ll just recommend this EP.

I’ve recommended EPs before and they turn out to be crap when the album comes along. Somehow the all the elbow room of a full album makes bands eat their dinner all the messier and muck the whole thing up. Really I can’t see the ideas on this EP stretching into a full album, Sun Eater are going to have to bring something formidable to the table when (if) it comes time for the album. With a debut EP of such quality though, and so packed with ideas and little knock-you-off balance Melvinisms, I’m digging the weirdness of this album, and you ought to too. Ain’t often you see a debut EP that rings this many bells so that ought to be treasured. There’s a lot of buzz around these guys, and good reason. I hope they go as far as their music can already take their listeners. Keep rolling! Into the night!

They're givin' it away for free here. Savour.

Written under duress by Steven.

Y’all did tractor beam onto that new Melvins EP too right? It’s available totally free from here and it might make a good intro if you’re yet to pop yer Melvins cherry.

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