An ode to energy - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #73

I’m a twitchy, instant gratification kind of guy; I’ll be the first to admit. Years of computer gaming and using my iPhone during television commercials have whittled down my attention span to the point that unless I am being constantly assailed I’ll get bored. I long ago lost the ability to listen to post-rock (also known as the genre where nothing ever happens) and art-house films long ago slipped from my grasp. It seems to be that I’m sliding into being unable to do anything, my tastebuds too have weathered poorly against the constant assault through which I put them and are now able to taste nothing but weapons-grade Cheddar and strong spirits. Musically I’m slipping into punk and amphetamine psychadelia as the only genres able to hold my interest enough to be transcendent. I’m sure the long summer days will mellow me out but right now I need a Red Bull rush to keep me going through the night, and Radio Moscow are the band to do it, as well as their new incarnation, Blues Pills. Although it sounds like shitty reviewer spiel about whatever inconsequential bullshit band just realised an inconsequential retrograde album, there really isn’t a dull moment on Radio Moscow’s 2009 album Brain Cycles. Offering a wild kaleidoscopic haze of rock and roll scrawled across a disk like Jackson Pollock was in charge of record pressing. Blues Pills, two parts Radio Moscow and one part Janis Joplin have been tickling our interest for a while, and now they’re firmly here, leaping into our stereos and hearts with a massive release of a re-recorded Bliss single and three other songs absolutely perfect for this no doubt short lived summer heatwave we been having.

Opening with a downtuned guitar riff like a frying pan to the face and the beating you into a psychedelic haze of cool riffs and wah guitar with only the sultry singing of designated Swede Elin Larsson singing sometimes in English, sometimes in Swedish but eternally channelling Joplin on Speed. The whole EP is so refreshing because it contains more energy, more excitement and more notes than some albums do in their hour and twenty minutes of fucking about. Song economy is something Blues Pills practice like its fucking wartime and music is rationed. One thing you can take to the bookies, this band, with all their catchiness and genuine feel-good ethos are the perfect soundtrack to the summer and are poised, if the stars align, to take the whole music world by storm.

I write about a lot of bands, but I don’t ever fool myself into thinking they’re anything except a minority interest. Earth 2 is never going to storm the record shelves, but Blues Pills just might. It’s the sort of pop-rock instantly enjoyable riff merchandise that nobody can ever refute. I was introduced to Blues Pills what seems like a long time ago now, when they were just some songs on BigCartel and the promise of a Radio Moscow rhythm section to keep us satisfied, so while this is a debut EP, I feel like Bliss has been a part of my life for the last half a year at least. Now it’s out, they’ve got a psychedelic ten inch record pressed and available through all the usual suspects. While Bliss is the title track and is just a stunning thousand-mile-an-hour rendition of all the best parts of Big Brother and the Holding Company, what of the new songs? Blues Pills live up to their name, taking a slower, bluesy route through rock history and yet also forging anew. Devil Man is the highlight, opening with thirty seconds of solo singing to put Elin Larsson firmly in the spotlight and then slowly opening up to encompass all of the world in its guitar wash but really none of the songs let it down, they’re all beautifully listenable because of Elin Larsson’s beautiful howls and the bulletproof grooviness of the Radio Moscow rhythm section. That’s about all there is to say about Blues Pills, it’s a fifteen minute EP man, that means I’ve given them 150 words a song, gimme a break.
Blues Pills
Bliss is available from all the usual suspects, and on vinyl from a million places depending on where you're at. I'll just throw you their Facebook page and y'all can get what you need from there. 

Poppy doom returns.

Better keep y’all up to date with the latest from the greatest poppy-doom band outta Brooklyn. Heliotropes have a new record out, well, it’s a single song but it paves the way along the same gold-brick road they’ve had us dancing on for the last few years and makes me very excited for the album. Moonlite contains their best guitar tone yet, dropping in and thudding out to make this truly doomey, something of which I’m always appreciative. Heliotropes are showing every indication of moving on from their early, awesome, one sided sound to a much more interesting and dynamic music that could be sustained across a whole album. It’s the perfect curve, EPs are for indulging yer whims (King Buzzo taught us that) but albums is where you gotta get real creative and start building some addiction. Well this journalist (shutup I am!) is happy to report that Heliotropes are shaping up to be one of the great underground bands of the whatever we end up calling this decade. Keep rolling girls, because you’re only getting more awesome.

Moonlite is available from all the usual suspects, but remember the Megafauna article? Buy from the label there kiddies and the good guys get yer bread, or Heliotropes' bandcamp. Steaming available from those links at time of printing (posting?) but I'm promised downloads will be available soon. Keep on their Facebook to keep up to date there heads, you can't give these gals enough love.

Hopefully these'll keep your summer soundtrack desires ticking over while you soak up the sun, remember kiddies, it's these moments that matter. Savour, and give all your love away, it's infinate and holy.

Written under duress by Steven.

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