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[Special post, don't get too excited.]

I'm just writing to inform all you hipped cats that you should probably take this opporchancity to scoot over to Amour and Discipline and read their detailed manifesto. Amour and Discipline seek to revolutionise music financing in the age of the infinite, giving artists more money than ever while allowing unfettered access to their creations. It is the future if we support it.

I am a firm believer in music freedom. I believe in the freedom of art through independent financing. I do not post links to free copies of the albums I write about because I am a critic, I do not function on the part of the music economy in any way (and I figure all you smarty-kids can get hold of the free albums if you want to). I do post links to where you can get hold of albums on bandcamp because it is the most ideal way currently of getting free music from the artist. I don't support giving money to corporations. It is my firm belief that stealing from corporations is not a crime because there is no victim. Crimes the cause the inconvenience, discomfort or suffering of humans ought to be punished, but I consider theft, damage, violence and obfuscation against corporations getting even.

I download music for free. Of course I do. I don't have the money to pay for all the music I listen to and also be able continue to eat. As the Amour and Discipline manifesto explains, in a typical transaction at a record store (online or corporeal) around 10% will make it back into the pockets of the creative genius responsible for those sweet sounds winging their way to your ears. While I support the 30% retained by the music shop if it is an independent and corporeal store because they are able to do things other than sell records. A quality local record shop can be a gathering place for taste, a place for signings and celebrity events with your favourite artists or just a place to meet like-minded heads and associate. I do not support corporatised record shops and I do not support record labels. HMV and iTunes are contributing to the death of music. Music isn't just the sound, it's a whole culture of creatives and support, fandom and opportunity and corporatised music stores are helping to atomise the audience, separating us out into individual elements to be more successfully marketed to. The companies seek to criminalise the act of sharing (all this is covered in the manifesto far less schizophrenically than I'm able of conveying). My two cents: download music as far outside of the label and corporate system as is possible, and donate to the artist personally through their own website, go to gigs, buy a tee. And check out Amour and Discipline, it's the fairer, cooler future if we just let it.

Written under duress by Steven.

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