Pink City break your stereo! - IN SEARCH OF SPACE #41

After a particularly bad fortnight of drinking and spending stupid amounts of money in the pursuit of such things, it was gratifying to have a slightly more subdued record to spin while I recovered, in the dark with a wet towel wrapped around my face. Pink City’s debut full-length was not something with which you’d see off a hangover, unless you wanted to give yourself a worse headache. Their latest single throttles back on all that raucous noise and brings in ever more slowed down darkness in the style of Endless Night from Designing Women. If you can’t recall that bit of the album then go out and download it immediately, I’ll wait. Got it? Good? It has even less noise than that song, really it bridges into that Joy Division Twenty-Four Hours esque groove without the warmth. And when you’re taking Joy Division and removing the warmth but dropping the same kind of pseudo-meditative spoken-word smackdown workout that hitherto couldn’t be approached, you really deserve to be bigger than Pink City currently are. You deserve billboards paid for by wealthy philanthropists with pictures of band members M and J looking sad and a tagline along the lines of “these spectral motherfuckers are storming the fort. Why haven’t you bought their record yet”. Alas this kind of humdinger is yet to achieve mass appeal and is still there to be explored by discerning heads, savour!

I first discovered Pink City in the middle of last year when they dropped Designing Women. Unbeknownst to me I’d had a single of theirs for a while before that but the abrasive sound had rather put me off. Something clicked with the main album though and I was a fully fledged convert to their particular brand of stellar post-indie distortion, hence why it was pretty much my album of the year in 2011. On this release the guitar tones and the vocal harshities have undergone a metamorphosis. Pink City feel far more assured in their soliloquy. The result is a cooler and calmer sound still rife with the distortion of Designing Women, but you won’t be hearing anything with the adolescent anger of Wrung. It isn’t a totally unheralded change, there were hints of this side to Pink City, especially towards the end of Designing Women; it lends itself to more grown-up melodies and a step away from the noise that held them their most close association with post-punk.

Audacious is still in Pink City’s top three adjectives, because the end of Loop One features one of the most exciting and daring endings of a song I’ve heard in a long time. I’m recalling Sabbath in the opening to Master of Reality, Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the end of F#A# Infinity or several Type O Negative songs. The end of Loop One made me check that my stereo wasn’t busted, and that is a hard thing to do with all of the odd motions dubstep constantly makes. To mimic flaws so effortlessly as slap upsides the head any notion that someone is going to be able to put this killer stuff on in the background. It’s a daring move that really cements this as more than two songs to scout it out for the album and a release worth digging now.

It’s only a two track record, a single really, and if they hold true to pattern there’ll be another single followed by an album. I sure hope it’s soon, even though my musical 2012 is shaping up well so far, a new Pink City as good as the last one would be the distorted guitar solo to seal the deal. I can’t say too much more so it’ll be a little shorter than usual but hey. The single is really great and you ought to check out their album if you haven’t already. It’s all available on their bandcamp. Savour.

Written under duress by Steven.

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