LICK MY DECALS OFF, BABY! #2 - Thunder, Lightning, Strike - The Go! Team

What makes you like the music you like? Seems like a strange question, and perhaps an unnecessary one – what does it matter why you like your favorite music as long as you like it, right?  I think this question is a rewarding one to answer though, because it gives you a better judge of the quality of the music while eliminating your own personal bias. It allows you to realize if the music you like is truly great or if you only like it because it’s catchy or something. Personally, I like a lot of music because of the virtuosity of the musicians or if the music was influential. However, perhaps the biggest reason why I like some music, other than its pure quality, is the memory I associate with it.

IN SEARCH OF SPACE #2 - Satan Worshipping Doom - Bongripper

After all my talk of having my feet firmly immersed in the murky sticky fluidity of metal, looking back I really don’t like much metal at all, and actively hate most of it and simply live for those few moments when metal finds that mix between the unusually high musicianship levels, the fascinating aesthetic and the political and religious volatility to make a truly seminal record that stands with the best live and psychedelic albums as a means of psychic transportation. This lends me pariah status to both non-metal fans and mainstream metal zealots alike. The stream of such quality releases could never have been called prolific, but just recently has slowed inexorably and with nothing on the horizon I was beginning to become fully disenchanted with metal and abandon it to the tomb for genres that have run their course. Every so often, sometimes from the vaults of days past, a metal record comes into my ears that instantly revitalises the rock star fantasy and even has the smell of a motorcycle engine casing baking in the sun and thunders across highways of genre, sound and ideas, clattering unfeelingly and easily past the lumbering family station wagons of straight jacketed compromise of today’s mainstream. Bongripper’s seminal opus Satan Worshipping Doom is just such a record. Reminding everyone who might have forgotten that metal can be mature and sophisticated. And absolutely insane.

IN SEARCH OF SPACE #1 - In Search of Space - Hawkwind

NOTE – Hawkwind are far from my favourite band, this weekly collection of margin doodles begins as it means to go on, with random-ass writing about random-ass bands. We like it that way, maybe one day we’ll cover the bands we really love. Maybe as a Christmas present to ourselves. This album goes first because it also lends its name to the series (It’s also the first one I wrote and I’m damned if I’ll do more work than is strictly necessary). My partially informed, alcohol soaked, incense scented voyage through the best psychedelia, rock and roll and drone music has to offer will hitherto be named In Search of Space.

LICK MY DECALS OFF, BABY! #1 - Lick My Decals Off, Baby! - Captain Beefheart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Ludwig Van Beethoven. Bob Dylan. The Beatles. Captain Beefheart. Can you spot the odd one out?
Yes, I’ll agree that whenever you’re thinking of some of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, Captain Beefheart isn’t exactly someone you might consider including. In fact, I imagine that few people reading this have actually heard any of his music, and those that have probably hated it. But I firmly believe that Beefheart was one of the greatest musical minds of the last century, and is as innovative and exciting as any of the above.

Nearly there!

Hello again, after several arduous barbeques and sitting outside our houses drinking beer at length, we have managed to actually write something. We'll begin posting within the week. This leviathan of a project will finally drag itself off the runway and hopefully into the sky.

See you when we're there.

Welcome to wine women and a song or two

Welcome dear reader to a brand new online journal (we respectfully refuse to acknowledge the term 'blog') to which we hope you will become inured and eventually come to like/love/accept enough to stop throwing bricks at our houses.

Me and m'colleague Adam hope to make this an interesting little blog not just about music, but about our music, because trying to get actual scoops on music in this day and age is virtually impossible. Come here for regular updates on what we're listening to, old and new, links to how you can listen to it too; what we think about stuff going on in music; what music means to us; and probably some random stories more to do with wine and women so this may turn into one of those life blog things, which will be useful after the murders begin...

Anyway, hopefully the first posts will begin shortly, and we'll have some sort of format, and you can tell us if we've made a typo in that unlovely way of yours, discuss with us in the comments what music you think we ought to listen to and craft long Petrarchan sonnets for us which we will dutifully skim over.

I better explain a couple of things. Me and Adam are both huge music fans with diverse tastes (we like to think so anyway), I'm mostly into my metal, namely desert, stoner, sludge, doom and drone and music of that ilk, but also rock, jazz, blues and psychadelia. Adam is getting more into hip-hop and has a good grounding in rock and jazz. We're both at the daunting tail end of our teens and start of our twenties.

We'll try and not rant about our favourite bands much (although some is almost inevitable, so we'll just get it out of the way now), my favourite bands are Baroness, Tool, Earth, Karma to Burn and Kyuss, Adam's favourite artists are Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, the Beatles, the Beastie Boys and Gang Starr to name but a very few.

The first posts will try not to revolve around these too much and instead will start with whatever happens to be gracing our ears at whatever time we bother to get around to posting here. Start suggesting bands for us now.

See you soon!
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