Welcome to wine women and a song or two

Welcome dear reader to a brand new online journal (we respectfully refuse to acknowledge the term 'blog') to which we hope you will become inured and eventually come to like/love/accept enough to stop throwing bricks at our houses.

Me and m'colleague Adam hope to make this an interesting little blog not just about music, but about our music, because trying to get actual scoops on music in this day and age is virtually impossible. Come here for regular updates on what we're listening to, old and new, links to how you can listen to it too; what we think about stuff going on in music; what music means to us; and probably some random stories more to do with wine and women so this may turn into one of those life blog things, which will be useful after the murders begin...

Anyway, hopefully the first posts will begin shortly, and we'll have some sort of format, and you can tell us if we've made a typo in that unlovely way of yours, discuss with us in the comments what music you think we ought to listen to and craft long Petrarchan sonnets for us which we will dutifully skim over.

I better explain a couple of things. Me and Adam are both huge music fans with diverse tastes (we like to think so anyway), I'm mostly into my metal, namely desert, stoner, sludge, doom and drone and music of that ilk, but also rock, jazz, blues and psychadelia. Adam is getting more into hip-hop and has a good grounding in rock and jazz. We're both at the daunting tail end of our teens and start of our twenties.

We'll try and not rant about our favourite bands much (although some is almost inevitable, so we'll just get it out of the way now), my favourite bands are Baroness, Tool, Earth, Karma to Burn and Kyuss, Adam's favourite artists are Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, the Beatles, the Beastie Boys and Gang Starr to name but a very few.

The first posts will try not to revolve around these too much and instead will start with whatever happens to be gracing our ears at whatever time we bother to get around to posting here. Start suggesting bands for us now.

See you soon!

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